What is home staging & how can it help you sell your home?

Statistics have shown that a staged home sells faster and for more money. Staging is the process of cleaning, organizing, rearranging, updating, and preparing your home for sale. At its most basic, it may be as simple as performing some needed home repairs, pre-packing, removing unneeded items, rearranging furniture and decluttering. In other cases it might be as much as repainting, re-carpeting, replacing furniture, and replacing outdated fixtures such as window treatments and light fixtures.

The goal is to show potential buyers the very best side of your home so they are better able to visually place their own personal belongings into your home.

How much does staging cost?

Quoting a flat price sounds appealing, but in reality each home is unique, as a result, so is the cost. We work with various budgets and we can tailor our services accordingly.

Why should I stage my home?

Putting your house on the market without staging is like going to a job interview in your pajamas. Staging your house will highlight the best features in your house, making it one of those places that when buyers walk in they want to have it. You have to look at staging as an investment in your home.

Can you work with the existing furniture within the property?

This process is called a re-design and yes, we can to help minimize cost. We “shop” your home for items that can be used to enhance overall marketability. However discretion must be used with regards to such furnishings.

Are all furnishings okay to use in a re-design?

Pieces that are worn or dated can make the property appear worn or dated as well. The idea is to create a look that responds to the majority of buyers. Items that might be too unique may not be appropriate as well. We are trying to appeal to the majority of buyers.


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